Starfield players prepare for "decades of DLC content" across 1,000 worlds

Starfield players prepare for “decades of DLC content” across 1,000 worlds

Starfield players prepare for “decades of DLC content” across 1,000 worlds


Starfield Bethesda’s new sci-fi role playing game promises to not only be the most impressive of this genre for years, but it will also have the biggest size.

Starfield will live up to the hype, but that remains to be proven. It’s common for video games to be hyped up before launch, but then fail to live up to expectations on the big day.

It is to be expected that some bugs will occur in a game with more than 1000 planets that players can explore and the largest city Bethesda ever designed.

Fans are hopeful that Starfieldwill be treated to an ‘decade’ of DLC for this sci-fi role playing game. Starfield promised 1000 planets. However, it is said that only 10% of them will be able to support meaningful life. The remaining 900 planets may not be as rich in ecosystem as the 100 that have more content.

Starfield will not be available until Starfield is released. We won’t have a way to compare the quality of the 900 planets with the 10% premium.

Fans are hopeful that the 900 worlds will be used for future DLC, which could be lasting up to 10 years. And, to be fair to Bethesda if Starfield is a success over time, this might not seem impossible. We also know that Starfield will have at the very least, one expansion.

first suggested that the massive number of planets in Starfield could allow for a possible decade’s worth of DLC.

New Vegas and Fallout 4 have a lot of DLC. Starfieldhas enough space to support the game until Elder Scrolls. Now that Bethesda is supported by Microsoft and has money, they added. This is not a ridiculous theory. Bethesda makes a lot of DLCs for its games, and Starfieldhas a large amount of space for DLC.”

USAF_DTom replied: “I fully expect at the very least a DLC which further expands the “ship jobs”, such as cargo hauling and piracy. Todd Howard’s statement that ship customisation is a late-game thing… leads me to believe that the developers would like to add new content that allows players to “enjoy more ships”.

I mean, just take a look at their other titles. Skyrim came out in 2011, and fallout 4 from 2015. People are still playing these games. “This game has a lot of room for growth,” said Tylertradingpost. They can add new content by adding a bunch of planets. This will actually make sense as a whole new sector for exploration,” said morbihann.

It seems, in related news, that Starfield may have some form of multiplayer. However, this is not the format that we would have anticipated.

S. If you have pre-ordered the Premium Edition or Constellation Edition then it is 1 September. Starfield will also be available on Xbox Game Pass from day one.

Starfield players prepare for “decades of DLC content” across 1,000 worlds
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