Starfield Metacritic score plummets as review bombings begin

Starfield Metacritic score plummets as review bombings begin

Starfield Metacritic score plummets as review bombings begin

Starfield Starfield is getting bombarded by reviewers which has led to its favorable Metacritic score plummeting drastically.

The game is described as Bethesda’s first brand new universe for over a quarter of a century, Starfield is among the largest RPG releases this year. It is also among the top Xbox exclusives ever.

The game is now accessible for all players following its public launch earlier this week which means space captains can play can play it on Microsoft Xbox Series X/S, and PC

are finally able to start their deep explorations into space. Also available is Xbox Game Pass.

Although reviews by the critics have been overwhelmingly positive as our own that you can read here however, fans have not been the easy-to-please. Though many people have enjoyed the game, and its quirks, there’s a major rift among the general public, but not only due to the fact that you are able to use your personal pronouns within the creator of your character.

The primary complaint stems from the massive explorable universe which Bethesda made a huge promotional tool. Even though the galaxy is massive but players aren’t happy with how they discover the galaxy. Space travel that is boring and useless is a major criticism And many of them found themselves shocked when they discovered there’s no way to travel through the globe in one trip as in No Man’s Sky, instead, there’s a boundary which forces you to return.

There are plenty other issues circulating on the forums that we can discuss, you’ll know what we mean which is why as a result of the rage surrounding the Starfield user rating has declined due to review-related blunder.

A quick look through an overview of the game’s metacritic score it appears that players have been playing with scores of just one, or even zeros. most of them claiming that the game’s exploratory aspect is an issue that the game has. One of the most positive reviews that this game has received thus to date is that it’s superior to the Fallout 4, which has received plenty of criticism.

Even with the negative reviews of gamers, Starfield has enjoyed a great launch according to the latest announcement over six million gamers have begun their playthroughs and even led to the significant growth of Xbox Series X sales.

Starfield Metacritic score plummets as review bombings begin
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