TOTAL WAR PHARAOH Release Date – HERE is the date it launches

TOTAL WAR PHARAOH Release Date – HERE is the date it launches

Total War: Pharaoh was revealed as the next entry in the historical genre of Creative Assembly’s long-running great game of strategy. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in exploring the final Bronze Age from a different view or are looking for an escape of Warhammer’s violence in the fantasy world, odds that you’ve been contemplating the title’s launch date.

Total War: Pharaoh’s release period was locked until the last quarter of 2023, when the game was first announced. In the event of delays, there should be lots of epic strategy that will keep us occupied throughout the build-up period and over the holiday season.

Total War Pharaoh Release Date

Publisher Sega has since revealed the the release date was set for the 11th of October, 2023, for the digital version. Physical Limited Edition then launches on the 23rd of October.

On the 22nd of September, it revealed it was it was announced that the Epic Games Store version of the game had been delayed until the beginning of 2024 while the other versions remain in good condition.

Total War: Pharaoh release date The release date is 10th October 2023 (digital version, with the exception of Epic

  • Games Store)/October 23rd 2023 (physical Limited Edition)
  • Total War Pharaoh Epic Games Store launch date: early 2024

Complete War: Pharaoh explores the Egyptian New Kingdom period, we are tasked with managing an era of social instability as we battle natural disasters and foreign invasions.

The game has confirmed eight playable players for the launch of the game, accommodating different styles of play. The battleground is set to undergo modifications.

In addition to enemy forces We’ll also need be able to change weather patterns because storms and sandstorms may affect the terrain which soldiers fight.

TOTAL WAR PHARAOH Release Date – HERE is the date it launches
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