Fans contend that Fallout 5 should take place in Alaska.
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Fans contend that Fallout 5 should take place in Alaska.

Fans contend that Fallout 5 should take place in Alaska.


Fallout 5 could take many, many years before its release. Starfield may already exist but is in its infancy and likely to receive post-launch support from Bethesda; following that, it appears that Bethesda will shift focus onto Elder Scrolls VI development instead.

Fallout fans must wait an eternity before returning to the Commonwealth. Fallout 4 turns ten next year (yes, 2025 is next year! That seems strange!) We know its delayed new-gen update will arrive this year (Bethesda wrote this message in December:) “Thank you so much for being patient as we work on Fallout 4 Next Gen Update; we know you are excited, but give us time!”

That should keep us amused for some time. And don’t forget the Fallout TV show is premiering in April; let’s hope it runs several seasons! With Fallout 5 still several years off, fans have plenty of time to speculate about its setting (fans hope Alaska could make an appearance!).

Reddit user Joseph Subbas was the first to suggest setting Fallout 5 in Alaska. They suggested “imagining Alaska with seals waiting under its freezing waters to pull you under, polar bears with long claws and shark-like teeth, an old ski lodge on top of a tall mountain with moving chairs swaying in the wind, frozen bodies still wearing their gear,” among many other details.

Reddit user AaronVonGraff quickly convinced others of his vision by painting an engaging picture with these posts: “Patrolling nuclear winter almost makes you wish for Mojave,” while GhoulslivesMatter agreed, noting “I would love Alaska as an option,” while RobotHockey declared: “That would be cool as hell!”

Alaska does not boast an abundant population, as multiple people have suggested, so perhaps its residents could flock there in droves due to military bases causing people to migrate there in droves. I’m confident our writers could develop something creative, creating an intriguing narrative potential!

Fans contend that Fallout 5 should take place in Alaska.
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