Prototype 2 IOS & APK Download 2024
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Prototype 2 IOS & APK Download 2024

Prototype 2 IOS & APK Download 2024


Prototype 2 features James Heller as a brand-new character. James Heller is on a mission to eradicate the blacklight virus.

James Heller can shapeshift and become someone else’s identity as well as memories, by eating the memories of others. Another unique feature that is present in Prototype 2 is that James Heller can change the form that his visage takes.

By using this feature, he’s able to alter the form of anyone. This helps him accomplish a variety of missions. It is also possible to use various types of weapons to fight opponents as well as power.

An additional ability called Tendril can also be used if Heller strikes any object using Tendril the object smashes against another object. The other power known as Black Hole is also added to this player’s power. It will kill foes.



Prototype 2  Download

Click the download button below to start your Prototype 2 Radnet Edition Free Download. It is the full version of the game.




Prototype 2 IOS & APK Download 2024
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