Horizon Zero Dawn Mobile Full Version Download
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Horizon Zero Dawn Mobile Full Version Download

Horizon Zero Dawn Mobile Full Version Download


Horizon Zero Dawn action set within the realm of the post-apocalyptic world, in which there are robot dinosaurs who have destroyed human civilization.

The remaining humans have consolidated into small primitive tribes that fight mechanical creatures with primitive weapons paired with advanced technology.

The protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn is a girl who is named Aloy. Her parents were an individual named Rast who has been an Outcast. On a hunting trip, Aloy finds himself in an abandoned laboratory where there is a Vizar gadget that allows him to experience an augmented world.

To be a part of Nora’s tribe, one has to undergo the ceremony of initiation. But, the notorious cultist Gelis is a rogue member of the tribe and demolishes the village. The heroine is on the search for Gelis’ killer. On the way she discovers a lot of secrets regarding her story and the creation of the universe in the shape she sees it today..

Within the arsenal of the character, there is a bow that can be used with different kinds of arrows. These include explosive and incendiary projectiles bombs, slingshots among others. Eloy utilizes a unique gadget known as a thread launcher which allows him to reduce the speed of enemy movement through cables.

Dismantling robotic beasts hero, she collects pieces and components out of their bodies, which allows the creation of various objects as well as improvements. In the course of hunting animals common to all, Aloy can use bones and hides for medicine, traps, as well as bags.



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Horizon Zero Dawn Mobile Full Version Download
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