BattleBlock Theater iOS/APK Version Free Download
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BattleBlock Theater iOS/APK Version Free Download

BattleBlock Theater iOS/APK Version Free Download

BattleBlock Theater Is an action game with cartoon images and a view from the side. The plot is simple as it’s far away from the most popular in the category.

You will assume the character of a prisoner, who can traverse the different levels in the theater to help Hattie Harrington. It’s not difficult in the first place: getting through the levels is a linear process easy and simple jumping for this genre. several kinds of attacks from opponents. Most notable is the dynamic gameplay and the possibility to play as a group.

The areas themselves are made out of blocks having different characteristics. The surfaces are simple and the walls are sticky, changing, or block that repel such spikes, water, and on. In the beginning, there are two options offered: “Adventure” and “Arena”. It’s possible to download complete maps made by gaming enthusiasts with various tasks within their respective territories.

In the course of the tale, the story will be told in various chapters separated into different levels. For the episode to start the player must collect the required amount of gems or jewels and fight against the head of the group. A different currency is yarns. Guards of cats will trade in weapons to you. The game is based on the mutual aid of artificial intelligence or a participant. It is only teamwork that can help make sure that you can complete every level within the given time. If you buy an electronic timer, be sure to get an extra A mark as well as extra gems.

“Arena” is a location where 2-4 players can take part in mini-toys and games for points. The winner will be the person who scores the most points points. It is possible to join in groups and compete with your team.



BattleBlock Theater iOS/APK Version Free Download




BattleBlock Theater iOS/APK Version Free Download
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