Universe Sandbox Mobile Full Version Download
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Universe Sandbox Mobile Full Version Download

Universe Sandbox Mobile Full Version Download


Universe Sandbox 2 is a continuation of the Space Simulator, which demonstrated the behavior of different objects in outer space.

This game is a great virtual tutorial for astronomy. It can help you understand the behavior of black holes and asteroids.

The game is not just for newbies, it’s also interesting for those who are familiar with Betelgeuse, quantum voids, and other terms. Space sandbox allows you to interact, create, and destroy objects using Newtonian principles. All elements are real-time, and there is real gravity, as well as the interaction between matter.

Universe Sandbox 2 allows you to:

  • Create your solar system: add a planet, a comet, satellites, rings, and black holes to space;
  • Collide stars and planets to see how, through physics, the planetary bodies collide epically, leaving behind huge, molten craters.
  • Simulate the Earth’s Climate: observe how Earth’s weather changes with the seasons or the progression of life on Earth when you change its distance from the Sun.
  • Remember the Big Bang Theory: Add the age and mass of the star and watch the supernova eruption;
  • You can view the eclipse with “New Horizons”, “Juno”, and the other spacecraft.

Play in VR mode.
Universe Sandbox 2 is a complete game that includes creating planets out of hydrogen, iron, and water, as well as watching the tails of solar flares. It also features pulsars, dark matter, and black holes. Who will still say science is boring after this?



Universe Sandbox Mobile Full Version Download




Universe Sandbox Mobile Full Version Download
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