60 Seconds! iOS/APK Full Version Free Download
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60 Seconds! iOS/APK Full Version Free Download

60 Seconds! iOS/APK Full Version Free Download


60 seconds! – a survival simulation in post-apocalyptic environments and the setting of America during the 50s.

The main character, Ted is given only an hour to gather his items, supplies, and family members, and then go to a specifically prepared bomb shelter right underneath the house. Determine if your wife Dolores as well as your kids Mary Jane and Timmy, as well as Pancake the dog, and Sharikov the cat can survive.

When you start a game, the home of the protagonist will be randomly created, meaning that each game will be distinct. There are challenges added at the beginning of each game, just as your house was taking arms around you: couches, armchairs tables washers, and more. If you fall into any objects inside, they’ll throw you off your feet before falling onto their own which can disrupt your movements.

Underground will determine the extent to which Ted has gathered the required items. He may have forgotten the gun, or as an example, his child.

The whole thing is assessed in the next chapter. If the character has brought the wrong amount of water and then either sentences all to thirst or makes long and difficult journeys through the radioactive wastelands, into where familiar areas have been transformed.

In supplying the surface that has been invaded by cockroaches with mutants by resupplying it with food, you increase the number of days that your family will endure.

Your well-nourished and healthy living conditions of all cells of the society are dependent on the player as well and the number of individuals saved in the event of a nuclear strike will indicate how many will be capable of replenishing their food supply by escaping. If there is a limited amount of food available, the gamer must decide on who will be fed and who will not. It could result in the loss of loved ones.



60 Seconds! iOS/APK Full Version Free Download




60 Seconds! iOS/APK Full Version Free Download
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