TEKKEN 7 For PC Free Download 2024

TEKKEN 7 For PC Free Download 2024

TEKKEN 7 For PC Free Download 2024


TEKKEN 7. is a three-dimensional combat game that has a side-view that tells us the full background of the Mishima clan’s conflict.

Through the narrative, we discover the reason Heitachi murdered his wife and how Kazuya Mishima escaped. The premise of the film is a fighting game that is based on love friendship and family bonds through friendly battles.

Every battle is an individual chapter in the tale, therefore after the fight (winning the battle) then we watch an animated video that shows creating the whole Universe, Kazuya growing up, and the creation of the Mishima family.

In this section, we also learn how the gene is known as the devil. The story of the game is narrated by a journalist unknown to the public who is interested in feuding clans as well as the other TEKKEN combatants.

The combat game has seen massive adjustments. Apart from being aware that developers are putting the game on Unity Engine 4, we have a huge improvement with regards to graphics as well as interactive videos within the narrative. When you watch all flashbacks in full, the whole story as well as “hidden details” are told. Ten new characters were added to the game. certain of them only appeared previously, such as the wife of Hitachi, Kazumi. In-game new strikes like:

1. Rage Art allows players the ability to “tear down” 2/3 enemy health if their life is at a crucial level;

2. Rage Drive is a blockable strike that can deal 60 to 80 percent total damage according to the life of your opponent. The person is white. The opponent can block this hit;

3. Power Crush – you can strike even if you’re hit at the same time. It only takes care of two kinds of strikes such as high and medium.

Out of the modes that were available for play, we only had arcade, dueling, and practice. These are where you learn new techniques. A VR-based mode has been added, that allows you to speed up the pace and observe combat from both sides.

“Treasure Battles” – Old combat format where a series of combats are followed by the introduction of new rules and rivals. It is a multiplayer game that involves duels among friends as well as other players. Each game’s performance can result in an indicator of championships in the servers that are created. There’s also a “customization mode”, in which we alter the appearance of the hero.

They were the first to make the game’s narrative cooperative. No matter which side you are on the result of the match will dictate the future direction of the tale. If you are fighting between Hitachi and Kazuya who will win, the person who won the battle will tell the story of his life.

Key showcases the studio hinting in the official description of TEKKEN 7 – a story of a family tale, not told without crying.



System Requirments


  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-4160 @ 3.60GHz
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2Gb, GTX 750Ti 2Gb,
  • Memory: 6 Gb
  • Storage: 81.1 Gb


TEKKEN 7 For PC Free Download 2024




TEKKEN 7 For PC Free Download 2024
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