Teardown Latest Version Free Download
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Teardown Latest Version Free Download

Teardown Latest Version Free Download


Teardown A simulator of a robbery under different conditions developed by independent developers at Tuxedo Labs.

In terms of style, the program uses an octave graphic component. This approach allowed to achieve the total disintegration of every object in the area. This gives the possibility of conducting tasks in many different methods and improvising on the move.

What is available to gamers are explosives as well as the sledgehammer, which can be used to smash any kind of surface that can get into the area, and also various kinds of vehicles with different dimensions for bringing valuables in and additional items to be taken away under the conditions of a specific job.

Three game modes to choose from:

  • The campaign guides the player through the life of a man in his 20s who is in serious financial debt. The player is obliged to accept all job opportunities regardless of whether they’re connected to crimes. It is required to break into safes, steal vehicles, jewelry as well as paintings through every level.
  • Sandbox: The player individually decides on the map and what tasks to complete and has the freedom to move around and access the full range of hacker tools in the game.
  • Create your maps that bring new and innovative ideas. Once you have completed the task, you can choose to put the map you’ve created into a separate directory to allow other users to test the map. It is also possible to download the user’s creations to boost the available content.



Teardown Latest Version Free Download




Teardown Latest Version Free Download
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