COD Black Ops 4: Blood of the Dead – How to unlock Pack a Punch


In this Guide, we’ll disclose how to open the Pack a Punch Machine (PaP) in Blood of the Dead by Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies. You can utilize the Pack a Punch machine to overhaul your weapons, which can accomplish more harm. To open the machine, you have to construct the zombie shield, get the superintendent’s vital, revive the key, go to the rooftop zone, and hit the voltmeter on the rooftop.

Every one of these regions are open from the earliest starting point. You don’t need to actuate whatever else, simply purchase the ways to the regions.

Unlock Pack a Punch – Blood of the Dead

In the first step you have to build the zombie shield, a guide is in progress!


Next you have to turn on the power, you have to press two switches. Here we show you where the power switches are to be found.

If you turn on the power (building 64) the Warden will appear, you must defeat him to get the blue key.

Now you should have the key and the zombie shield. With both objects you go to the roof area. The exact way you see in the video above, from 4:37. You need to backtrack to the prison and reach the roof through the infirmary.

Once there you have to use the shield, with L1/LB. Then suck on the Warden’s Key zombie souls (L2/RT). Kill 3 zombies with the key to charge the shield.

When the shield is loaded, use the shield attack on the voltmeter located on the roof. This turns on the voltmeter and unlocks the pack-a-punch machine on the roof.

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