Destiny 2: The Journey Exotic Quest Guide – Xenophage Location

You need the fascinating assault rifle Xenophage ? We’ll tell you the best way to discover this weapon, The Journey Exotic Quest Guide.

To get the xenophage you have to finish a journey in a few stages, beneath we disclose everything to you bit by bit.

The Journey Exotic Quest Guide

The first step is to go to the moon, Sorrow’s Harbor. Go into the big building and descend to Enduring Abyss, the exact way you can see in the video below.

You then come to 4 statues, interact with all four statues and a chest will appear. But you have to inflame them in the right order.

In the chest you will find: Emergence – Quest Step

Now it’s off to Sanctuary, on the moon. Head for the Anchor of Light. There you have to get the light and ignite several flames. Be careful of the video below, otherwise the flame will go out!

If you have done everything right you will receive: Pathfinder – Quest Step

Now you have to visit all the four lost sectors on the moon. In each of the lost sectors you will find at the end a new puzzle on the wall. All of the Symbols on the 3×3 plates need to be the same as the one chwon in the video below. Here are all soutions:

  • T=Top – M=Middle – L=Left – B=Bottom – R=Right
  • Pathfinder 1/4 – K1 Logistics – TL, BL, MR, M
  • Pathfinder 2/4 – K1 Revelation – RM, LM, M, M, LM, TM, BM, M
  • Pathfinder 3/4 – K1 Crew Quarters – TR, LM, M, BM, BR, BR, BM, BM
  • Pathfinder 4/4 – K1 Communion – BL, BR, TM, TM


Pit of Heresy – Path uncovered

All further steps are located in the dungeon “Pit of Heresy” on the moon. 07:41 in the video. The next steps you see in the video, it is not far to Xenophage! Enjoy and have fun!

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