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Elden Ring: How to Level Up Quickly and Farm Runes

Elden Ring: How to Level Up Quickly and Farm Runes

Elden Ring: How to Level Up Quickly and Farm Runes

For any action RPG, grinding is a proven strategy and Eldenring is no different. You might wish you had a few more levels to overcome your first boss encounters in both the open world and in dungeon settings. We can help you with that. We’ve created the ultimate level-up guide to help players get through the campaign’s first 5-10 hours.

You’ll want to go south from the Warmaster’s Shack. You’ll find five giants roaming along the cliffside.

Although this may seem daunting at first, the truth is that giants can actually harm each other which makes the whole situation more in your favour.

This section of Elden Ring is similar to the lava below Bed of Chaos if you have played Dark Souls. These enemies can be very powerful and large, but if you guide them correctly and kite, they will happily kill one another for your good. These giants are exactly the same as those on this cliffside plain.

It is up to each of you how you approach the task. For safety, you can either ride your spectral horse and strike them one by one or run up to them and lead them into a melee. This method can be used to get 5000 runes within a matter of minutes. This method will allow you to grind 20-30 levels in a matter of hours before the runes earn start to be insufficient to level up efficiently.

This strategy can also be used as a guide for avoiding attacks and using critical strikes on downed enemies. Giants can inflict so much damage on each other that they often fall over, exposing their weak points to critical strikes. This will speed things up even more.

This method can be used to increase your rune value to purchase equipment, spells, ashes, war, upgrades, ammunition and any other items that you may need. This strategy is the best for farming runes in Elden Ring. It will also speed up the process for those who want to overthrow a difficult foe within the first 5-10 hours.


Elden Ring: How to Level Up Quickly and Farm Runes
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