Rainbow Six Siege's new Deathmatch Mode is a bit too difficult

Rainbow Six Siege’s new Deathmatch Mode is a bit too difficult

Rainbow Six Siege's new Deathmatch Mode is a bit too difficult


Rainbow Six Siege’s new Deathmatch Mode is a bit too difficult


A Rainbow Six Siege player since the beginning of the game’s existence, I am always on the lookout for reasons to play the tactical FPS gameplay the 5v5 shooter is famous for. Siege’s gunplay can be some of the most rewarding and engaging you will find. Even if it does get under my skin from the headshotting savage and spawn-peeking sweats.

The news that Team Deathmatch would become a permanent feature in the game made me feel like it was the perfect time to get back into the game. It’s a good way to learn the gunplay quickly, but it doesn’t mesh well with Siege.

It is quite standard. You can choose to play as any of the attackers or defenders, but you cannot use shield-only operators. Additionally, you have access to all weapons used by each operator, as well as a standardised selection of equipment like stun, impact, and frag bombs. You’ll be able to spawn into firefights faster than any other game.

A mode that is as fast as Siege’s TDM is Siege can be a great asset, especially when it comes down to learning Siege’s PvP strategy. Due to the limited number of rounds per game, it can be difficult to learn how to interact with other players in regular games. It is possible to spend several minutes searching for a player only to find out that you have been beaten by a sneaky player and must wait until the next round.

It is important to get into the action as fast as possible in order to improve accuracy and react time. This will also help you deal with anxiety associated with one-life game modes. Because Siege is a one-life game, it can be difficult to get into the zone. The deathmatch mode helps normalize Siege’s death. What could be worse? You lose around? That’s fine.

The end execution feels like a mode that you would use to matchmake for Unranked or Ranked games, rather than a viable alternative. This could be because of the low payouts and lackluster incentive to play. There are no Battle Pass challenges or Alpha Packs, so there is no incentive to play. It is also very pointless because of the weak Renown payouts.

There are also issues with the actual mode’s structure. This is not only because you will often spawn right in the middle of active firefights. Operators you control won’t have access any of their key abilities. This means that they lose almost all of their identity when using the TDM mode. Each operator can have their own gun selection, but there is no reason to choose one over the other. You could have 10 recruits chasing each other for five minutes straight, instead of these watered down operators.

Team Deathmatch wasn’t going to replace Rainbow Six Siege regular, nor should it. However, this milquetoast TDM version feels weak to be a part of the game. It might feel better when there are more reasons to try it, but it is confusing at the moment.

Rainbow Six Siege’s new Deathmatch Mode is a bit too difficult
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