Marvel’s Spider-Man: Screwy – Screwball Challenges Trophy Guide


Some new trophies and accomplishments have been added to the game with the Spider-Man DLC The Heist. So likewise the accompanying trophy:

With everything taken into account, there are 5 difficulties (2 battle, 2 EMP, and 1 device) to play where you can discover them and how to illuminate the difficulties, see underneath in the video. Beneath you will discover timestamps for the individual difficulties.

A review of every single new trophy and accomplishments can be found here.


CTNS: The Heist DLC – All Screwball Challenges ULTIMATE

00:00 – EMP Challenge Midtown
01:51 – EMP Challenge Hell’s Kitchen
03:47 – Combat Challenge Greenwich
07:14 – Gadget Challenge Central Park
10:18 – Combat Challenge Upper East Side

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