Battlefield 5: All Letter Locations – Unlocks Rare Melee Weapon

ou need to open all weapons in Battlefield 5? We’ll give you where every collectible letter in War Stories, in this manner opening new scuffle weapons.

These letters are not part of any Trophy or Achievement, yet they open 3 distinctive uncommon skirmish weapons utilized in Multiplayer.

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  • Cricket Bat
  • Soveig’s Knife
  • Coupe Coupe

All Letter Locations in War Stories

There are a total of 40 letters you can find. If you make the effort to find all the collectibles, you’ll get new unique melee weapons, among other things./p>

To unlock the Cricket Bat, Solveig’s Knife or Coupe Coupe you do not only need the letters, you also have to complete the challenges of the war stories./p>

If you are near a red letter, you will receive a note about it. Now you see a video with all locations of the letters, underneath you will find the timestamps for the respective area.

Under No Flag
0:35 Crossing Lines (3 Letters)
5:537 Butcher and Bolt (6 Letters)

5:37 Still and Silent (4 Letters)
7:43 All is Ash (4 Letters)
9:35 Wolf and Dog (6 Letters)

11:55 Liberte (6 Letters)
14:03 Egalite (5 Letters)
16:06 Fraternite Ou La Mort (6 Letters)

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