Destiny 2 Forsaken: Blind Well Tier 3 – Solo


For the individuals who need to get a few recommendations, we have composed this short guide including video.

The Youtuber Esoterickk played Blind Well Tier 3 solo in Destiny 2 Forsaken and discharged a video about it. For typical players most likely rather unsatisfactory, Tier 3 is obviously still somewhat heavier than Tier 2.

General tip


Goes into the air pocket with a marker drifting over it. Inside you will get a buff called “Contact of the Sky” which won’t cause you steady harm. The buff goes on for a couple of moments, when you go, “Contact of the Deep” is debilitated and you get harmed until you return into the well.

He didn’t utilize Telesto or Glitch in the video! Appreciate and have a ton of fun!

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Solo Blind Well Tier 3 (No Telesto Glitch)

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