Anthem: Disable the Barrier – Triple Threat


In Anthem you need to disable a barrier at the very first assignment”Triple Threat” to get the selection. For this you’ve got to address a color mystery. Want to learn how? Do not worry, we’ll explain to you just how you can do that.

What is the assignment about? In the first demo mission you need to recover a device, the Mannigfalt, in the interior part for your quest giver Matthias. That happens once you recuperate Signa and remove the Dominions. So that you get access to this room and therefore are”contributed to the unit of Dominion”. There, but electricity gates seal the number which you need to open.

Symbols have been coloured by these gates. Each objective is assigned a colour. The blue barrier which it is possible to view in the cover photo will glow, when the objects are in the colour. Only then can you choose the variety.

So it is a puzzle that is chain-combination.

Barrier Symbols Solution

Pay attention to the symbols near a gate:

  • You will find a symbol at every gate nearby.
  • The symbols show the correct color for each goal
  • Interact with the goal until it shows the color of the symbol in its vicinity
  • If all goals are the same color as the symbol nearby, the barrier opens

If you don’t get it solved on your own, there is another way it could work: You are in luck and your group members solve this puzzle for you.


After completion of the mission you bring the Mannigfalt then in Fort Tarsis to Matthias. There you will also learn what this relic is capable of.

Please note: the symbols are always near the gate. But they are not always in the same place. So one icon is seen relatively high above the gate, while another is slightly below a small bridge. Another icon is then hidden again around the corner.

To give more support, we want to share a youtube video with you that is made by Fuzzy Bearbarian. Check it out!

To share all information with you, there is something left to mention: Combos allow players to connect the Javelins’ attacks and skills. This will allow you to do extra damage and trigger an effect that depends on the Javelins.

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