Destiny 2: The Last Word in 10 Steps – Quest Guide

On January 29th, the quest”The Draw” went on Destiny two. She contributes the Guardians into the 5th and final weapon Exotic of this”Black Armory” DLC, the Handgun”The Last Word”.

With the Weekly Reset on January 29, owners of the Pass have the chance to earn a brand new weapon. This is the handgun”The Last Word”, a cult weapon from its predecessor, now celebrating its return in Destiny 2. But what have you got to do for it?

That’s how the quest “Draw” runs for the last word

The quest for the new exotic hand Cannon consists of a total of 10 steps and revolves around the rover and the crowd:

  1. Corrupted Artifact: To get the quest, just talk to the Drifter in the tower. There you will learn more about an artefact that is infested with an old known disease and get the first step.
  2. The Cleansing: Now it is time to cleanse the artifact of its disease. For this you have to do the following:
    • Defeat Hive with Solar Damage. These include kills with weapons and abilities that cause solar damage
    • Collect 75 Sheep Tablets. Killed Hives of any kind let this item fall to kills
    • Defeat 3 hive bosses
  3. A Purified Artifact: This step is simple again. The drifter wants you to bring the now-cleaned artifact to him.
  4. The Temptation: Now the Guardians are in the Crucible, where they are to “feed” the artifact with light by defeating other Guardians. A kill brings you 1% progress. Assists are also included. If you kill several players in one life, you will earn more percents.
  5. The Damnation: The artifact is now calling for something dark. You must uncover a dark ritual on Titan and stop this wacky ceremony. Kill the Hive enemies.
    This is a mission (Power Level 500) on Titan, which is clearly marked with a mission marker on the planet map. This is in principle self-explanatory, so just follow the mission process. The boss should just make sure that you turn off the two witches. So you remove his shield and you can do damage.
  6. A new jagged determination: this step is simple. You have found the helm of a guardian who has been hit by a unique projectile. You should now bring this helmet to the Drifter.
  7. Spotted Light: This is a classic Collective Quest step where you will find several items. The armorer of the band makes new weapons of suffering and you must stop him. But you have to spoil your light to complete the ritual. You need:
    • 15 Etched Crystals from “WANTED” enemies in Lost Sectors. Farmed Cargo Bay 3 on Titan
    • 25 Crucible Medals, “Blood for Blood – Defeat an opponent who just defeated an ally” “Best Served Cold – Land the final blow on the Guardian who last defeated you”
    • 50 Hive Larvae collected – also during Cargo Bay 3 on Titan
    • 3 Heroic Hive rituals (2 spawn locations, one in Glacial Drift on Mars, another in The Rig on Titan)
  8. Path of Suffering: This step is brief. You now have everything you need to find the armorer of the band. Bring everything to the Drifter in the tower.
  9. The Conversation: You found Enkaar, he hides in the Hellrise Canyon of Tangled Shore. You have to hunt this and bring it to the track.
  10. You have now defeated the armorer. Now you have to go back to the Drifter and talk to him. This ends the quest line for the last word.
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