Apex Legends Season 3 Patch Notes for PC, PS4 and Xbox One


Apex Legends Season 3 update is now rolling out for PS4 and Xbox One players. According to the changelog that is official, the latest Apex Season 3 upgrade adds new legend — Crypto to the game. Apart from this, the upgrade a new map, new legend, weapons, a plethora of bug fixes and cosmetics.

Previously, there was a big update released with gameplay changes, personality balancing along with a very long list of bug fixes. Unfortunately, many players are undergoing a number of issues while playing with the game. Today’s Apex Legends update is expected to fix a few of those difficulties. Check out more details below.

Apex Legends Season 3 update patch notes

New Map – World’s Edge

Introducing an entirely new environment for Legends to tackle, on the planet of Psamathe. A contrast between the rising embers and chemical ice, alongside a new terrain and new movement mechanics introduced by geysers/a high-speed cargo train, gives a new dynamic feel for players.

Apex Legends New Map - World’s Edge details
Apex Legends New Map – World’s Edge details

New Legend – Crypto

Crypto adds more variety to the already diverse lineup. The hacking vigilante will bring with him a deployable drone, which his abilities all pertain to.


  • Neurolink
  • Surveillance Drone
  • Drone EMP

New weapon – Charge Rifle

The Charge Rifle is an energy sniper rifle that fires single–round bursts of static electricity. Details of the rifle include:

  • Energy sniper which takes the following attachments: Extended Energy Mag, Scope and Sniper Stock.
  • Consumes 1 ammo per shot; works in a similar capacity to the single-fire Havoc.
  • Targeting laser deals small damage, before the powerful hit. Up to 75 damage per shot (body).


All Legends

  • Executioner Perk: Previously, the Gold Armor perk, “Executioner”, gave a full shield recharge on successful completion of a finisher. In Season 3, all Legends will have this perk meaning–finishers will fully recharge your shields regardless if you have Gold Armor equipped or not. Gold Armor will now have a Guardian Angel perk that is detailed below in the Loot/Meta Changes section.


Dome Shield

  • Players in the Dome Shield use healing items 25% faster.
  • Increased the throw distance by 60%.
  • Increased cooldown.
    • 20 seconds -> 30 seconds.

Defensive Bombardment

  • Decreased cooldown.
    • 4.5 minutes -> 3 minutes.
  • Decreased duration
    • 8 seconds -> 6 seconds.
  • Increased throw distance by 36%.


Eye of the Allfather

  • Reduced the animation time to activate by 33%.
  • Now immediately tells you how many targets have been pinged.

Beast of the Hunt

  • Fixed an issue with FoV scaling messing up ADS aim sensitivity.
  • Reduced animation time to activate by 30%.
  • Increased movement speed bonus
    • 25% -> 30%


  • Rolling Thunder
  • Increased damage
    • 20 -> 40


  • Adrenaline Junkie
  • Fixed an issue with FoV scaling messing up ADS aim sensitivity.


[Designer notes: We’ve pulled back additional nerfs for further testing, but Wraith’s power balance is definitely on our radar.]

  • Dimensional Rift
  • No longer deploys if you are downed before placing it.


  • Grapple
  • Reduced the grapple projectile velocity by 33%, meaning it takes a fraction of a second longer to connect the grapple to the wall. The behavior once you are connected remains the same.
  • Zipline
  • Increased cooldown
    • 90 seconds -> 120 seconds.



[Designer notes: We think the number of hop-up types in the game is about as high as we want to go right now when we consider loot dilution and the likelihood of finding a desired hop-up. Going forward, we intend to rotate hop-ups each season — some may be removed from the loot pool to make room for new or returning ones. Below are the changes we’ll be making to hop-ups for Season 3.]

  • REMOVED: Disruptor Rounds
  • REMOVED: Skullpiercer Rifling
    • Wingman: Was 2.0 base / 2.25 with Skullpiercer. Is now 2.15 base.
    • DMR: Was 2.0 base / 2.5 with Skullpiercer. Is now 2.15 base.
    • The base headshot damage multipliers of the DMR and Wingman have been increased slightly.
  • NEW HOP-UP: Anvil Receiver 
    • Attaches to: Flatline and R-301.
    • Rarity: level 4 (gold).
    • This hop-up empowers semi-auto mode; it offers highly increased damage, but at the cost of reduced rate of fire and double ammo per shot.
  • NEW HOP-UP: Double Tap Trigger
    • Attaches to: G7 Scout and EVA-8 Auto.
    • Rarity: level 3 (purple).
    • This hop-up makes each trigger pull fire a quick two round burst.


  • Ultimate Accelerants
    •  20% -> 35%.
    • Ultimate charge restored increased
    • Reduced the amount in the world by around 40%.


  • Gold Backpack
    • The gold backpack has a new perk, “Guardian Angel”. With Guardian Angel, you will revive downed teammates with bonus health and shields (if they have armor).
  • Gold Armor

The gold armor will now have “Fast Use” (consumable items take half as long to use), which was previously on the gold backpack. Now, you will be able to tell when an opponent has the ability to heal faster by seeing the gold armor damage numbers.



[Designer Notes: For Season 3 weapon changes, our goals were to encourage and improve longer range gunfights and reduce power on some of the weapons that have been dominating lately. We will of course be closely watching data and player feedback on these during the season.]

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