List of playable Kingdom Hearts III Worlds


How many worlds are in Kingdom Hearts III? That is answered by us below.

Exploring the worlds in Kingdom Hearts games is among the major attractions of the game which remains true with the Kingdom Hearts III worlds that are various you can experience across in the game.

Like previous games that the Kingdom Hearts III worlds will be a mix of words such as Twilight Town and Disney worlds such as Toy Box from Toy Story.


Every single game has a different list of worlds so many are wondering how many worlds are in Kingdom Hearts III and what they are, check out the full list below.

Kingdom Hearts III Worlds List

  • 100 Acre Wood from Winnie the Pooh
  • Arendelle from Frozen
  • Caribbean from Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Kingdom of Corona from Tangled
  • Monstropolis from Monsters Inc.
  • Mount Olympus from Hercules
  • San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6
  • Toy Box from Toy Story
  • Twilight Town, which is an original Kingdom Hearts world

There are more areas that might be a bit spoilery so we’ll not go into detail for those, but these are the full fledged worlds that you can explore. Do note that for the worlds that we are used to full fledged areas, these 9 worlds are it.

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