How to get the True Ending in Valkyria Chronicles 4 [Spoilers]


Valkyria Chronicles 4 features a”True Ending” which is slightly different from the conventional ending you’d get by completing the game.

The so called”True Ending” provides a few minutes of additional content in addition to the regular ending that plays in the conclusion of the game. To get it you will need to finish Valkyria Chronicles. Now re-load the save file with clear data, the sport will notify you of new things available at the Headquaters in the Infirmary.


Go there and you’ll discover a new resource called “Renown”. You’ll receive a steady sum right then and there, use it to buy “Interlude: A Steamy Ceasefire” which’ll cost 200,000 Renown. You can get more of them by completing simple battles.

Buying that will add new scenes between Chapter 8 and 9. When you finish those, “The Promised Aurora” will be available for Chapter 13. Watching that scene will unlock “Hard Mode” for the final battle of the game.


Hard Mode makes enemies stronger and gives you less time to complete the battle. Now completing the battle will give you the “True Ending” to Valkyia Chronicles 4.

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