Cuphead Secrets And Tips: How To Unlock New Filters And Get Extra Health


Cuphead is out now for the PC and Xbox One. You can peruse our audit of the game from here. The game highlights some totally ruthless platforming and manager battles that require your aptitudes and tolerance so as to be vanquished. On the off chance that you have just finished Cuphead maybe you can attempt to reveal a portion of the insider facts included in the game.

How To Unlock Black and White Filter

Cuphead includes a black and white filter that completes the game’s 1930s look by making the screen authentic black and white instead of color. You can unlock this filter after completing all of the 6 platforming levels in the 3 worlds of Cuphead without firing even a single bullet. This requires you to use some tricks like the smokebomb dash to avoid enemies and boss fights. If you manage to do it for a level, you will get pacifist rating at the end of the level and once you have received this rating on all 6 platforming levels, you can talk to the turtle in World 3 to unlock this filter.

How To Unlock 2-Strip Filter

This is another nostalgic filter that only displays 2 colors on screen. This can be unlocked by beating all boss fights with an A ranking. To unlock this filter, you will have to talk to the fork in World 3.


How To Get Extra Health In Co-Op Mode

If you are playing Cuphead in co-op mode, there is way to trigger revive for the second player without having to reach them. This only works if the main player has an extra health available and can be triggered by pressing the pause button once the other player is killed. Even if you can’t reach their soul, the player will be revived using this trick.

How To Upgrade Your Health Points


You start with just 3 health points in Cuphead which might be a low considering the difficulty of the game but you can increase it easily by going to the shop and then buying a health upgrade. This has to be equipped before you can use it and this also takes away one of the special slot on your character so you will have to decide which special skill to sacrifice for extra health.

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