Evil Within 2 Guide: How To Get Magnum, Revolver And Other Secret Weapons


There are a wide range of accessible in The Evil Within 2. While you will have the option to get the majority of them on the off chance that you play through the principle game, some of them have mystery necessities that should be satisfied before they are opened for use in the game.

The absolute most dominant weapons in the game are not possible through typical methods. Magnum is one such weapon.

How To Get Magnum

You will be able to obtain Magnum once you beat the game on any difficulty setting. The Magnum is the most powerful weapon and uses the Magnum rounds. It should make short work of any boss battle.

How To Get Revolver

To obtain the revolver, you will have to complete Anima flashback event in the following locations.

  • 336 Cedar Ave.
  • Juke Diner
  • The Marrow: Restricted Labs

How To Get Burst Handgun

You will be able to obtain the Burst Handgun if you have “The Last Chance Pack” DLC installed.

How To Get Brass Knuckles


This is the most powerful melee weapon in the game and it won’t be easy to get. To unlock it, you will have to beat the game on the nightmare difficulty setting.

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