AO Tennis 2 Day One Update Patch Notes Released

Together with AO Tennis 2 now launching globally on consoles and PC, Big Ant Studios has already released the first upgrade for it.

The first upgrade patch for AO Tennis Two should be available now for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Make sure you download the upgrade in order to get the best experience.

Big Ant Studios published details of this new patch via Steam. You can read the entire patch notes posted down below.


  • Addition of 3 new mid-game statistics:
    • Clutch Weight
    • Time Pressure
    • Win Prediction
  • Addition of a new player Nick Kyrgios.
  • Modification of some Shot animations.
  • Updated player ratings and styles.
  • Improvements to animations.
  • Improvements to sound balancing and general match atmosphere
  • Improvements to gameplay.
  • Adjustment of the difficulty levels – to make the lower levels a little easier.

User Interface

  • Addition of frames to the menus.
  • Improvements to UI.
  • Additional support for non-Latin characters in UGC.

AO Tennis 2 is out now. Make sure to stay tuned when more updates are released later this year.

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