Destiny 2 Beta: Best PvE And PvP Weapons In The Game


While playing the Destiny 2 Beta, players get arbitrary plunder drops by finishing The Inverted Spire Strike, or by completing a match in one of the two Crucible game modes. The plunder drops are totally arbitrary, and incorporate both, Weapon and Armor, drops.

In the Destiny 2 Beta, there are a sum of 20 weapons that players can get their hands on. A few weapons are superior to other people, be that as it may, it additionally boils down to individual inclination. This guide will feature a portion of the weapons that players have been utilizing while at the same time playing the beta, however remember that the weapons referenced in this guide probably won’t work for you, as they probably won’t commend your playstyle.

Best PvE And PvP Weapons In Destiny 2 Beta:

Out of the 20 weapons available in the Destiny 2 Beta, some weapons stand out. Some weapons perform well in PvE, while some perform a lot better in PvP. This is something that players will have to work out on their own by using the weapons, and testing them out to see which ones work best for them. The list of weapons given below are some of the weapons that have been popular among all the players in the Destiny community.


This auto-rifle is a great weapon which works well in both, PvE and PvP. The manageable recoil and decent magazine size, along with great damage output, makes this weapon very useful in every situation. To make this weapon even more efficient, go with the Model 8 Red Scope which increases the weapon’s range, allowing you to do more damage to enemies that are at a distance. To increase the range even further, players can choose the High-Caliber Rounds perk on the weapon, which slightly increases the range.

Does Not Compute:

A High Impact scout rifle which has a slow fire rate, but does a lot of damage. The ideal perks for this weapon are Appended Mag, which increases your magazine size, while you can go with any scope that you want. This weapon is great for PvE, but not very effective in PvP due to its slow fire rate.


Black Scorpio-4SR:

This is a scout rifle with the Veist Rapid-Fire perk which makes this scout rifle fully auto, and gives you a large reserve ammo count. The perk also makes your reload speed faster if the magazine is empty. The weapon has arc burn, which allows you to take down enemy arc shields with ease. For the perks, it is best to go Full Bore to maximize your range, and Tactical Mag which slightly increases the weapons Stability, Reload Speed and Magazine Size. This is a great scout rifle for both PvP and PvE.


The Nightshade is a pulse rifle that performs extremely well in PvP. This weapon’s Lightweight Perk gives you increased movement speed while this weapon in equipped and also gives you great weapon Handling. For the sights on this weapon, go with the first one, as it is clear and easy to use. For the second perk, you can go with either one. If you prefer stability over range, then the Tactical Mag perk is ideal for you, otherwise go with Armor-Piercing Rounds. While using this weapon in PvP, make sure you take advantage of the last perk called Kill Clip. Kill Clip increases your weapon damage when you reload after getting a kill.


When it comes to Heavy/Power weapons, the Morrigan-D is the way to go. This rocket launcher is great in both, PvE and PvP. This Rocket Launcher fires small auto-tracking missiles that have high velocity and blast radius when you equip the Volatile Launch and High-Velocity Rounds. The final perk called Snapshot Sights goes hand in hand with the first perk called Hakke Precision.


These are all the weapons you will need in PvP and PvE. Hopefully this guide helped you get the ideal setup for PvE and PvP. Destiny 2 is set to release on September 6th for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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