Fire Emblem Heroes: How To Get Hero Feathers For Free


In Fire Emblem Heroes, you may have gone over things that have a plume symbol on them. These symbols are a pointers of an uncommon cash that is accessible in Fire Emblem Heroes.

The Hero Feathers may appear to be a pointless thing toward the beginning of the game, in any case, when your characters arrive at level 20, that is the point at which these things become an integral factor. Saint Features are uncommon, however can be gotten in various ways.

How To Get Hero Feathers In Fire Emblem Heroes:

The first method is not going to be fun, as you will have to delete heroes. When you are on the Allies Screen, select a hero that you don’t want, and press the ‘Send Home’ Option. This will delete the selected hero, but you will get Hero Feathers in return. The amount of Hero Feathers you get from deleting a hero is based on the rarity and level of the hero you are deleting.


Another way to get your hands on Hero Feathers involves your friends. Once you have friends in Fire Emblem Heroes, greeting them will reward you with Hero Feathers. Greeting them after every hour or two will reward you with Hero Feathers.

You can also get Hero Feathers by interacting with the leader of your friend’s party. They will show up in your castle. Interacting with them will sometimes reward you with Hero Feathers or other items.


You can also get Hero Feathers from your own heroes. In your free time, check your heroes. If they have a heart symbol over their head, that means that they have something to give you. Interact with the hero, and they will give you different items, one of which are Hero Feathers.

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