Career Mode Explained In AO Tennis 2


Huge Ant Studios has now discharged another video today clarifying a greater amount of the things you can do in the Career Mode of AO Tennis 2.

Not at all like in the first AO Tennis match-up, there will be a genuine story to follow in AO Tennis 2. This is imitating different games out there, for example, EA Sports FIFA, NBA 2K and that’s just the beginning.

The Career Mode additionally gives players the choice to carry on in specific manners on and off the court. You can either be an affable character or you can be bossy and mean contingent upon the decisions you make.

More insights regarding the Career Mode were posted in a public statement. You can peruse the information posted down underneath.

Earn your reputation!


The reworked AO Tennis 2 Career Mode offers brand-new perspectives to players seeking a challenge. While performance on the court remains crucial, players will also be rewarded based on their behaviour during external events, immersing them even deeper into the world of professional tennis. During press conferences or discussions with your manager, maintaining good relationships with those around you is important to gain favour among the public and the sponsors. Each public speaking event can have an impact on your career advancement, thus giving the player the freedom to build their own identity.

A comprehensive interface

In the AO Tennis 2 Career Mode interface, players can check their personal profile to see their progression status, as well as the evolution of their attributes and physical skills. All these elements need to be taken into consideration in order to pursue a successful career throughout the season. Players will need to navigate matches, their travel schedule, and training sessions, while giving themselves time to rest and prevent injuryAn injury limits performance on the court, while time spent traveling the world to follow the tour induces fatigue. In this narrative-driven career mode, everything has been done to let fans experience the reality of daily life as one of the greatest professional players.

AO Tennis 2 will be released on January 9th, 2020 and it will be available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


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