Disney Tsum Tsum Festival Review


For as long as seven years I’ve had a similar game introduced on my different Apple gadgets. The game itself isn’t frightfully muddled, you simply coordinate at least three characters straight, yet I’ve played more than 10,000 matches on the grounds that the versatile adaptation included player versus player. Presently the objective wasn’t to accomplish the most elevated score ever, as much as essentially out play your rival. This is my opinion of when I played Disney Tsum Festival at the current year’s E3. I confronted an especially fearsome rep, who easily bested my assaults, yet it was fun on the grounds that there was consistently fervor after each match. Regardless of whether I accomplished the best score at any point was insignificant, on the grounds that the other individual could essentially be better or have a similarly decent game, much the same as a disappointing exhibition could even now be sufficient to best whomever was unfortunate enough to confront me. Given this fervor, is it and a lot of other smaller than expected games, enough to make Disney Tsum Festival the following huge family game or does it miss the mark regarding what players need?

As referenced over, the enormous attract to Disney Tsum Festival is the capacity to play the versatile game Line: Disney Tsum intensely and to a lesser degree boundlessly. Be that as it may, a reasonable piece has changed between this discharge and Line: Disney Tsum.


One of the biggest changes is ultimately the whole motivation system. While Disney Tsum Tsum Festival boasts an impressive number of characters, it doesn’t seem to be moving towards the event model. Sure, there are missions and ways to boost the total coins you earn, but there doesn’t seem to be limited time tsums or weird events focused on upcoming movies, current projects or whatever else Disney wants to highlight. The upside is you don’t always have something to chase after, with the downside being there is less overall to do. Instead, there are daily challenges and a variety of other tasks to perform.


In addition to that, the board seems larger than the phone version, making it easier to get large combos, at the cost of it being more to pay attention to. Finding the best way to deal with 20 tsums is obviously easier than 40. This will give veteran players a run for their money, though how long it takes for them to adapt will vary. Especially since, Tsum Tsum Puzzle is more tactics than anything else.

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