Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists ~Ateliers of the New World~ Review


There are two type of spinoffs. The first takes it in a fresh direction, whereas another is linked largely through characters or name and chooses the spirit of the original. If this is confusing, consider Tales From the Borderlandsand Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers. Naturally, the ideal is to do the former, since it expands on what folks love, in a way that can include different or more people. Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists ~Ateliers of this New World~tries to do this by combining the components players love from the Atelier franchise, together with city building mechanics. With faces that are recognizable, a story and a maid that is beautiful , does it do the franchise justice should fans avoid it at all costs?


The story begins with Nelke along with her maid Misty heading into Vestabalt’s city. Together with solving the legend here Nelke was tasked with creating the town. If this sounds familiar, it’s probably though don’t mistake it because it seems like an Atelier-esque narrative.

Fairly early on it Nelke does not have any talent for alchemy and has no desire to learn. Instead, a wide variety of characters make a return to aid the town is built up by Nelke. These include practically every main character in the show history, also Pamela and Hagel. The opening destroys a lot of the enjoyment of these characters appearing on the flip side, it can be equally as exciting searching for their return. In any situation, these figures look after the alchemy, giving the time required to accomplish their tasks to Misty and Nelke.

Since this is an Atelier sport, time and relationships are significant components. Players are expected to visit characters, complete requests and receive the tools needed for the town to flourish. This is a lot easier than it sounds.


For the most part, Nelke and also the Legendary Alchemists ~Ateliers of the New World~ is merely making choices and studying dialog. This boils down to a series of amassing resources, getting recipes, telling an alchemist to craft things, followed by giving shops to them so you can ultimately earn money to expand. To make this easier the game walks you through the rest and the procedure comes down to time management.

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