The Princess Guide – Ending Guide

There is a good deal of matters The Princess Guide tells you along with numerous things you need to just figure out. One of the most confusing is how to unlock the various endings. Every character has an okay, good and best end, which aren’t quite night and night, but do alter a number of things. However, given the number of things figuring out the prerequisites and more, choice system can seem tougher than it is.

How to unlock the various endings
How much faith your princess has determines the ending you unlock. It doesn’t matter how often you praise what you utilize your points on, whether you bothered with negative assignments, just what level her faith is at. While I do not have the numbers, it ought to be a score of one or two will unlock the okay ending, four and three is great and maxing out provides you the ideal ending.

How to unlock them all quickly
Beat the game, the quickest way to find every end is to hurry into the end and then focus on leveling beliefs. This can be done by entering the training menu, selecting bonus activities that you know you give and can accomplish beliefs. As soon as you get her to par like four, beat the game and get the good ending. Repeat this process and replicate it for every single princess.

Be certain to pay attention to each ending, while this may seem a little lackluster. Though I can guarantee you any ending you unlock will finally have different dialog, they may seem eerily similar. Less so for the two lower tier endings, with the best end being a huge departure at the conclusion.


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