Moonlighter – How to Defeat the Final Boss


In spite of Energy Flux, the last manager is a torment, however this is to a great extent because of it managing around 200 harm a hit, at that point genuine trouble. Be that as it may, this is a two stage battle, so try to get ready for it.

Set up

For each battle I firmly propose utilizing the gauntlets. In addition to the fact that they are quick and arrangement conventional harm, the charged punch assault has invulnerability outlines that make players safe to vitality based assaults. From that point, ensure you have five elixirs, the most noteworthy level weapon/covering and both are completely overhauled.


Stage One


The primary stage is really the harder one and it’s everything about maintaining a strategic distance from sword assaults. The irritating thing is, in the event that you contact the cutting edge, regardless of whether it’s previously or after an assault, you will take harm. This implies the most ideal approach to play is consistently be before the chief and play protectively. On the off chance that you don’t complete him rapidly, its top piece body will take off and you’ll need to maintain a strategic distance from rockets and its body. Unfortunately, I discovered evading makes the rockets lock on, so you essentially need to simply go around and trust he doesn’t run into you.

Stage Two


This is essentially combo of Mutae and the Golem King. Essentially all the supervisor can do is swing its arms in the center, so remain as an afterthought where it isn’t swinging and you won’t take harm. In the long run things will jump out of the ground, so continue moving until you believe it’s sheltered and afterward continue to assaulting it. Outside of that, there will be an assault where it utilizes it’s arms to keep you in the center. You should concentrate on evading and remaining alive and basically harm the manager after this assault. On the off chance that you do this you should win without such a large number of issues.

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