Moonlighter – How to Defeat Energy Flux


After the two past battles you’d think Energy Flux would be a bad dream, however it truly isn’t. This quarrel is all over playing shrewd and focusing on your environment.

Set up

For each battle I firmly propose utilizing the gauntlets. In addition to the fact that they are quick and arrangement not too bad harm, the charged punch assault has power outlines that make players safe to vitality based assaults. From that point, no player should require mixtures outside of the last battle and updates are useful, yet just significant on the off chance that you need to win without taking harm.


Since you can’t harm Energy Flux before it moves, essentially sit tight in the center for it to move. Now you ought to have sufficient opportunity to get five or so hits in before you need to withdraw and see which assault it does. It won’t take long to make sense of which it is, so prepare to counter them.


On the off chance that Energy Flux moves, essentially hang out in the center and avoid it’s direction. Red lightning can be countered by charged clench hand assaults, which is likewise valid for blue lightning, however that is smarter to simply avoid turn over. With respect to it’s last assault, take a gander at where lightning isn’t before the chief and remain there. By being savvy and watching assaults, you ought to have the option to beat it no sweat.

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