Hori To Release A Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller With A D-Pad


At the point when the Nintendo Switch originally propelled back in March 2017, individuals were baffled that the Joy-Con controller came up short on an appropriate D-cushion with the goal for you to play battling games or 2D stage games.

As detailed by Kotaku, Hori is to discharge a Joy-Con controller with a d-cushion. In any case, the new controller needs to forfeit a few highlights from the first controller with the end goal for this to be conceivable. The left half of the Joy-Con will have the d-cushion yet you won’t have “increasing speed, gyro sensor or vibration highlights.”

It’s accounted for that the controller will be discharged this July in Japan at a cost of around USD $32.98. Tragically. Hori presently can’t seem to declare if the controller will advance toward nations outside of Japan. It’s possible it ought to be discharged sooner than later since other Hori items have been transported around the world.


A d-cushion is basic in the event that you need to play 2D platformers and some battling games like Street Fighter. The first Joy-con had separate face catches making it difficult to do diagonals and things like that. This controller will amend this on the off chance that you need to mess around of those previously mentioned classifications.

The main other fundamental constraint of the new controller is the way that you can just play it by means of handheld state. On the off chance that you need to play on the dock, it’s ideal to simply put resources into the master controller which resembles a Xbox controller.

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