Rumor: LinkedIn Profile Leaks More Details On Metroid Prime 4 And Even Ridge Racer 8


A Bandai Namco representative may have released some energizing new insights concerning both Metroid Prime 4 and Ridge Racer 8 on his LinkedIn profile. The subtleties are quite enormous if it’s actual in light of the fact that the information he has given presently can’t seem to be formally declared by the Bandai Namco distributer itself.

As first spotted by a YouTube client by the name of ‘Doctre81’, the LinkedIn profile of Shawn Pitman has released some cool data about some up and coming games going to the Nintendo Switch support. Pitman as of now works for Bandai Namco Studios Singapore.

He posted the accompanying data: “Tasks – Unannounced IP (First Person Shooter/Adventure Exclusive to the Nintendo Switch), Ace Combat 7 (VR Aircraft Dogfighting Action-Simulator Exclusive to PS4 and PS4 VR)

Edge Racer 8 (Drift-based High Speed Car Racing Exclusive to the Nintendo Switch)”.

The principal sentence truly seems like Bandai Namco Singapore is the designer for Metroid Prime 4. All things considered, the Metroid Prime arrangement is selective to Nintendo and is additionally acclaimed for being from the principal individual shooter kind.


The most intriguing thing he uncovered is that Ridge Racer 8 will be selective to the Nintendo Switch. The Ridge Racer arrangement used to be only for PlayStation comforts, however now it appears Nintendo has made an arrangement to make it selective to them.

The PS4 crowd is in all likelihood involved gamers that like increasingly sensible driving games and the equivalent be said for Xbox One proprietors. This may be a motivation behind why Bandai Namco agreed with Nintendo to make Ridge Racer 8 a Switch select. Switch proprietors need an incredible hustling game and Ridge Racer 8 could return the arrangement on track after the establishment took a multi-year rest.

The entirety of this news is classed as gossip for the present until Bandai Namco overall makes a declaration in an official statement. All things considered, this data could be valid since it doesn’t appear as though that Shawn Pitman would post bogus data on a LinkedIn profile.

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