The Divsion 2 Familiar Construct Personal Beta Hands-On Impressions 


After a few assignments over the weekend in The Section 2 beta, one thing was apparent: Ubisoft Massive was not deviating from what fans of the original loved for its sequel. As it is not this is not to say the Division 2 is a copy and paste job or recycled, but everything so far has a sense — which can be both bad and good.

From the moment you boot the game up, you’ll be greeted by the circular loading shield that has the same little hint wherein you are able to wiggle the right analog stick to create the circle wiggle too. After that is completed, you’ll see a beginning screen where your personality is showcased. It is a case of”if it’s not broken, do not fix it,” that I can’t blame Ubisoft Massive for doing.


Get to Cover!
One thing I am very glad that produced a return is that the cover system. You are going to find it tough to dispute just how fantastic the cover system has been, if you’ve played The Section. Going from 1 stage to the next is done only by one button press (hold), and you’re still sliding, hiding and ducking while doing so. It feels responsive, tight, and simple to use, why not each third-person shooter doesn’t do this which it’s baffling.

If the actual gunplay is awful, of course, a cover system that is fantastic will not mean jack. In The Section 2, the gunplay felt similar though it’s difficult to judge given we were only able to use a handful of weapons. There’s still a”squish” when hitting fatal enemy headshots, recoil is still present in firearms, however each weapon had a little bit too much familiarity with every single , which made altering weapons weird since a number of them felt exactly the same.


Speaking of the firearms, one change I did not like is how the DPS (damage per second), which is arguably every weapon’s most important stat, was absent from the beta. In the first game, the DPS number was the most important number when comparing weapons, and it’s weird why it was not within the beta, which left picking weapons a little bit tougher because you can not just base it on raw damage alone.

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