“Task G.G.”, Platinum Games Announces Giant Superhero Kaiju Fighting Game


As a major aspect of their on-goinki Kamiya.g uncovers for four new games, (counting The Wonderful 101: Remastered coming to Kickstarter), Project G.G. is a spic and span IP from Platinum Games themselves.

The official site additionally contains a message from Director Hideki Kamiya. Clarifying how past titles had been absolutely evolved by Platinum Games, Kamiya clarified that they will currently have more authority over how the game is promoted and publicized.

“We’ve made a wide assortment of games since our commencement, now and then dependent on existing properties, as NieR:Automata; some of the time entirely unique stories, as Bayonetta and ASTRAL CHAIN. Our work has discovered a center of energetic fans who trust us to convey top notch activity games.

Be that as it may, PlatinumGames has hitherto just been a designer. That implies we make the games, and that is it. The entirety of our titles up until how have been made under agreements, with collaboration and subsidizing from the distributers who disseminate them.

Obviously, everybody at Platinum and I are incredibly appreciative for the relationship that we’ve made with every one of you through the games we’ve made up until this point. At the end of the day, those games have a place with distributers. All choices about how those games are advanced, how their substance is utilized, etc, are completely up to the distributer.


As a maker, it’s hard not to think about my games as my kids. All things considered, it takes a great deal of difficult work to raise them up, and a ton of affection, as well. In any case, when they’re set, any decisions about them are altogether out of my hands. Along these lines, for instance, regardless of how frequently individuals let me know, “You should make a spin-off of this game,” or, “I’d love to see it on that reassure,” there’s no way around it.”

While insights regarding the game itself are sparse on the site, the most recent issue of Famitsu (by means of ryokutya2089), included a meeting with Kamiya and Producer Atsushi Inaba. Inaba expressed they wished to “sell out the client’s desires positively.” (Translation: Google Translate)

Kamiya likewise expressed that while Viewtiful Joe is a game around one saint much the same as Kamen Rider, and The Wonderful 101 is about a group of legends, “GG is a tremendous legend.” Inaba additionally expressed he wanted for the game to be discharged on “every single existing stage.”

The mystery trailer itself additionally expresses the game is the “peak to the Hideki Kamiya superhuman set of three!” It appears the player will assume responsibility for a legend ready to develop to mammoth size, and ward off kaiju.


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