PlatinumGames’ Final Platinum 4 Disclose is “Not Too Far Away,” do“a Doozy”


The past few years have seen PlatinumGames grow coming Off many acclaimed and commercially-successful names like NieR: Automata and Astral Chain, together with a recent investment in Tencent for future improvement. Specifically, the company has its eyes on raising its self-publishing attempts, with all the”Platinum 4″ initiative emphasizing some of their greatest plans the studio has for its potential growth. There’s still one left that the organization has in store, while we have seen three of these announcements so far, and we won’t need to wait too much longer to hear about it.

Speaking in an interview at PAX East, PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya And Atsushi Inaba shared some insight to plans and the announcements for the company’s future, such as an additional studio and new projects. These statements have been part of the”Platinum 4″ site that has teased PlatinumGames’ new advancements, leaving an additional statement to complete the cycle.


When asked about the show for Platinum 4, Inaba stated that While the studio couldn’t confirm an exact timeframe for when the announcement will happen, he said that it’s”not too much off.” Kamiya also added the last statement could be”a doozy” and that fans should”be ready for if you listen to it,” whether that ends up being a brand new game announcement or something different entirely.


The initial announcements from the Platinum Card 4 site so far have resulted in the Kickstarter effort for The Beautiful 101 Remastered, the forthcoming Project G.G., also the first details of PlatinumGames’ new office in Tokyo, Japan that will operate on a number of studio projects, such as fresh live service-style games.

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