Dawn of Survivors 2 Announced


When you thought that you were secure, WiSTONE Entertainment declares that Morning of Survivors two has started development.

A new dawn is on the horizon for WiSTONE Entertainment. A sequel to the survival match Dawn of Survivors is presently in development. Prepare to get Morning of Survivors two with much more zombies and much more ways to remain alive.

Dawn of Survivors 2 Announced

In Dawn of Survivors players fought off zombies, built bases, crafted a variety of essential tools, and teamed up with other players to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Just when you thought things couldn’t get more dangerous, WiSTONE Entertainment is developing a sequel.

In Dawn of Survivors 2, players hope to finally turn the tide in their favor. New weapons and resources will give players the edge they need to fight against the hordes that roam the world.


One item in particular that will help players is the Zombie Truck, which acts as storage and a safe means of transportation. The Zombie Truck is a welcomed addition to Dawn of Survivors as your base will no longer be a safe haven from the undead.

Players will need to make sure their base is properly protected because hordes of zombies will be invading your lovely home. These attacks will be set to a clock and once that clock hits zero, a horde will appear. Fight off the horde and keep your base safe as more hordes will appear over time.

Features like Team Survival and PvP were not included in the announcement trailer but should be in Dawn of Survivors 2 as they were prominent in the first Dawn of Survivors. One mode I would love to see is a PvE mode, where players are forced to work together to survive and cannot harm each other.

If you’re interested in jumping into the zombie apocalypse, head to the Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch. Also, stay tuned to Guide Stash as more information on Dawn of Survivors 2 will be reported on.

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