Division 2 Off-White Keys Locations

Grayish keys are new things in Division 2. They were included the Warlords of New York development. You’ll require eight of them so as to open a secretive carton in Haven, the new base of tasks. The game doesn’t give you any indication with respect to where you should search for them, so it may be a touch of an issue. This guide is demonstrating how to get grayish keys in Division 2.

Where to locate every one of the 8 grayish keys?

You’re not going to like this – the best way to get grayish keys is by slaughtering the new trackers. There’s eight of these level 40 world class adversaries – four in New York, another four in Washington DC. Before you can execute any of them, you’ll initially need to discover them. They won’t bring forth all alone. We have a guide with point by point directions on the best way to bring forth trackers in New York, and we’re taking a shot at doing likewise for Washington DC.

Every tracker bring forth is a riddle involved a progression of steps – go to a specific spot, interface with something, get a thing, murder somebody, visit more places, accomplish more things. It’s tangled, and essentially inconceivable for a solitary wolf to illuminate all alone. It’s a network exertion, and the network hasn’t yet figured out how to decipher the entirety of the codes and clues. We’re going to continue checking the circumstance intently, and we’ll refresh the guide with new data when we have it.

Meanwhile, you could kill time with preoccupations – we have guides that will assist you with gathering all the SHD tech stores on every one of the new maps, just as directions on the best way to get to mystery rooms on Dragov, Kajika and Parnell missions. That should hold you over until the trackers have been explained.

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