Division 2 Two Bridges SHD Tech Cache Locations


Two Bridges SHD tech stores are collectibles in Division 2: Warlords of New York. There’s five of them right now, the greater part of them are very much covered up. You’ll need to scale structures and complete platforming challenges so as to contact them. In case you’re experiencing difficulty discovering them, this guide will give all of you Division 2 Two Bridges SHD tech reserve areas.

Where to discover SHD tech cartons in Two Bridges?


The first can be found in the east of the zone, close to the recreation center. Go to the large crossing point close to the blockade, the one with the white truck in it. Experience the work entryway and scale the divider on the left. Gaze upward and to one side – you’ll see a sand sack. Shoot it to discharge the rope. Climb the rope, at that point the divider before you. Turn left and drop down, at that point make another left and drop down once more. Pivot and you’ll see the SHD case on the floor by the AC unit.

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