Division 2 Cleaners Key Chests Place


Cleaners key chests are uncommon plunder holders in The Division 2. They were included the Warlords of New York development, and must be found on the new guide. To open them, you’ll need to gather keys having a place with a particular New York group – the Cleaners. When you have a few keys, you’ll likewise need to discover the chests – they’re regularly all around covered up. Right now, going to give all of you Division 2 Cleaners key chests areas.


You’ll locate the primary chest on the fringe between Battery Park and Civic Center. Search for a low structure on a corner, stuck between two elevated structures. One of them is embellished with a film banner, different has a mammoth Medusa head spray painting. Move up to the top of the low-ascent, at that point follow the way over the stairways and through the nooks, until you arrive at another housetop with an AC vent in it. The case will be on the vent.

There’s one in the Pathway Park story crucial well. It’s in the part where you’re following Kajika. After you find a good pace with the elevator and the lake with electric snares and a lot of blue barrels, search for a sandbag to shoot on the opposite side of the room. Move up the rope and you’ll see the case on the seat.

There are additionally two cleaners chests in the Stranded Tanker crucial Two Bridges. The first is in the large gap in the structure. You’ll see it after you board the tanker and clear the room in the limit. As you’re going towards the leave entryway, you’ll see a lot of green barrels on the right. Hop over the obstruction and go behind them, at that point turn right. The subsequent one is on the top deck. As you move out, search for a white structure with “cover” composed on it. Go past it and search for the case in the extreme right corner.

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