Fortnite ‘Legends Cinematic’ is as inspirational as it is Very Funny


This Fortnite ‘Legends Cinematic’ will give you a few snickers and cause you to feel just as you could be one of the greats.

It feels like an overwhelming undertaking to turn into a top-level gamer. The obstruction to section is steep to the point that a great many people won’t make it.

Fortnite helped to substantially soften that barrier. The game has turned popular streamers into household names and unknown gamers into stars.

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Reddit client u/Skrubski caught the Fortnite feeling that anybody can be extraordinary and made a true to life out of it. They gave proper respect to the absolute greatest streamers to play Fortnite (while at the same time prodding them) and gave watchers an inclination that it could be them, sometime in the not so distant future.


This cinematic leaves you laughing and feeling inspired. TimtheTatMan falling to his death and Ninja’s weakness being “little s**ts” and “flossing in NYC” is laugh-out-loud funny. At the same time, it lets you know that their level of stardom is attainable.

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The video is told from the perspective of a random player, which gives us the indication that anyone could make it to ‘Legendary’ status if we put in the time. With enough skill, dedication, and a few lucky breaks, anyone could make it to the top of the Twitch charts.

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