Is this a secret Fortnite Team Rumble Small Change or a bug?


Is this a secret Fortnite Team Rumble change or a bug?

Some Fortnite Team Rumble players have seen a change to the mode that is making it far less engaging for them.

Group Rumble has been a staple Fortnite game mode for some time – supplanting the long-running 50v50 game mode.

This mode presents an invite rest from the frequently damp with sweat typical Fortnite matches. You can drop into Team Rumble, get God-level plunder, total a few difficulties, and have a ton of fun.

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Epic made some gigantically helpful changes to Team Rumble with Season 2. You currently generate with 450 materials, can just discover uncommon or better weapons, and don’t need to manage the Glider Re-Deploy thing obstructing your stock.


These were all welcomed by the casual Fortnite community, but a recent update may have made things a bit worse for Team Rumble players.

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It’s unclear whether or not this change was intended – such is the case when we don’t have any patch notes. Either way, some players are loading into Team Rumble halfway through a match.

Reddit user u/TheMightyWitcher posted a clip on the r/FortniteBR subreddit, showing himself load into a Team Rumble match that’s nearly halfway over. The player had no loot and, even worse, no materials with which he could defend himself.

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