Epic Responds To glitched Fortnite Pinging Order

There has been an issue with pinging player-fabricated structures in Fortnite Season 2. Epic has reacted to this issue.

Its a well known fact that the Fortnite Season 2 fix presented a large group of new bugs to the game. Almost all game patches carry a few bugs alongside them, so this is not out of the ordinary.

A portion of the Season 2 bugs are more game-breaking than others. Getting pushed under the guide by a speedboat and being not able to perform basic activities during late-game serious matches can be out and out maddening.

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One of the bugs that went under the radar was the failure to ping player-assembled structures. You pings go directly through any dividers or inclines that you or your rivals construct.

Your markers go through walls, but they don’t go through players, meaning you can ping a box to find out exactly where an enemy is standing, inside. Players began using this as an exploit in competitive matches.

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Some players even had the theory that Epic intentionally changed the marking system in Fortnite to max-distance grenading that was happening during Season 1.

Epic responded to the above clip when it first came out, saying that they were investigating the issue. On a more recent post, the team ensured players that a fix would be coming in the next patch.

We can expect a fix for this problem in the v12.20 patch, which is assumed to be coming next week.

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Until then, all we can do is try to ping the ground in front of enemy structures. You can use this to your advantage by pinging items through your builds and pinging enemies through walls, so it’s not all bad. You just have to know how to take advantage of the bug.

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