This Fortnite player Line For Line missed the bus

This Fortnite player passed up a Team Rumble coordinate when the Battle Bus left without him.

Fortnite has been encountering some bizarre bugs, of late. As of late, we even observed a player lose wellbeing while getting a disposal in Arena – something like a turn around siphon circumstance.

Group Rumble isn’t safe, either. Players have started to stack into a match part of the way through, without any weapons, ammunition, or materials. It’s hazy whether this is a bug or a purposeful change to help supplant players who were concentrating on difficulties.

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On March 11, one player presented a video on the r/FortniteBR subreddit that demonstrated the Team Rumble transport leaving without them. They were stuck on the bring forth island – in the tempest – with their wellbeing ticking down.

The clip ended before the player died, so we don’t know whether or not they respawned on the regular map. It’s safe to assume that they did, although you can’t take anything for granted when the bus leaves without you.

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This issue hasn’t been reported en masse. The comments on the post all seem to be joking around, with no one reporting that they’ve seen the same thing.

One player theorized that the bus driver was fed up with people grinding challenges and not thanking him – a fair assessment.

Thankfully, this issue popped up in Team Rumble and not a more serious game mode. All the player had to do was respawn or start another game.

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Epic has not responded to this issue, just yet. It might be confined to one player, but we’ll keep you posted if the bus driver continues his erratic behavior.

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