NIOH 2 All Kodama Locations Advice – Leader Trophy

Nioh 2 hides 150 Kodama collectibles. When you find all Kodama figures, the Kodama-Leader Trophy will be unlocked. The game is divided into 6 regions, in each region you can find 25 Kodamas.

Kodamas are a kind of collectibles items, they look like the little green men you see on a shrine. They often hide in wooden boxes, which you have to destroy.

We recommend that you collect all Kodamas in the first run through the missions, for a good reason: If you find all 5 Kodamas in a region, you will receive 1 additional elixir. Usually you start with 3 elixirs when you die, these become more and more as you find the Kodamas.

So you can increase the elixirs from 3 to 8, which makes meeting bosses a lot easier because you can heal yourself more often.

Nioh 2 Kodama Locations Guide

This guide is under construction! We will update this guide as soon as Nioh 2 is released!

Awakening Region:

  • The Village of Cursed Blossoms: 7 Kodama Locations
  • The Forest Veiled in Darkness: 2 Kodama Locations
  • The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames: 7 Kodama Locations
  • Dark Omens: 3 Kodama Locations
  • The Viper’s Sanctum: 6 Kodama Locations


Soaring Region:

  • The Hidden Monsters of Okehazama: 7 Kodama Locations
  • The Mysterious One Night Castle: 7 Kodama Locations
  • A Hot-blooded Howl: 5 Kodama Locations
  • The Hollow Fortress: 6 Kodama Locations


Shadow Region:

  • A Way Out: 7 Kodama Locations
  • Corpses and Ice: 8 Kodama Locations
  • Bird In A Cage: 7 Kodama Locations
  • The Golden Nation: 3 Kodama Locations


Dawn Region:

  • Pervading Waters: 9 Kodama Locations
  • The Frenzied Blaze: 8 Kodama Locations
  • The Sun Sets On Mount Tenno: 8 Kodama Locations


Twilight Region:

  • Ruin Draws Near – 7 Kodama
  • The Two Faces of Hospitality – 7 Kodama
  • The High-spirited Demon – 6 Kodama
  • Stray Cats – 5 Kodama


Dream Region:

  • The Mausoleum of Evil – 9 Kodama
  • The Golden Castle – 8 Kodama
  • Cherry Blossom Viewing in Daigo – 8 Kodama
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