How to Get the Wizard Zombie in PvZ: War for Neighborville


It’s March, which implies the Luck O’ The Zombie celebration is currently going full bore in Plants versus Zombies Battle for Neighborville. One of the most foreseen pieces of this occasion is the expansion of another playable character class, the Wizard Zombie. Keep perusing beneath to discover how to get the Wizard Zombie in PvZ: Battle for Neighborville.

How to Get the Wizard Zombie


The Wizard Zombie is a spic and span playable character in Neighborville. It’s likewise the first run through another character class has been added to the game. The Wizard is a mystical character that offers support for partners through Co-Star mode. Despite the fact that you might be eager to evaluate this new character, opening the Wizard may take some time contingent upon how regularly you play.

The Wizard Zombie is accessible as the last prize on March’s Luck O’ The Zombie prize guide. To get the Wizard, players must acquire and spend Prize Bulbs to open prizes and arrive at the finish of the prize guide. It should take around 139 Prize Bulbs to arrive at the Wizard utilizing the most immediate course on the guide. There are three different ways to procure Prize Bulbs in Battle for Neighborville: every day challenges, character difficulties, and XP collection.

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