Fortnite Legacy Power Aim Assist Being Removed


Epic Games announced the heritage controls configurations for goal assist will be eliminated next week.

Controller The goal assist discussion from the Fortnite community was heated for a while now, although aim aid is debated in battle royale and FPS games. With the launching of chapter two season two, players discovered that control players may use so as to discover players aim help.

It is Most likely Epic Games executed that by viewing replays of players could monitor them via 29, but computer players noticed the problem.

YouTuber Orange Guy submitted a clip Players are being tracked by players . From the clip Can be viewed spamming and you can see a participant Bush can monitor a participant in a home although the participant, at one stage Loses monitoring on the participant in the home. Have a look Under:


Fortnite Legacy Controls Aim Assist

With PC players complaining about aim assist for over a year, it seemed as though Epic would never do anything to nerf aim assist in any way, but it looks like that’s changed with a tweet put out by Fortnite.

In a tweet on the Fortnite Status account, Epic Games announced that due to improvements that have been made to aim assist, Epic plan to remove the “use legacy look control” on March 13th. In order to use the new aim assist settings Epic added some time ago, players can copy their legacy settings in the controller options and toggle off use legacy look controls.

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